Maid barged into condo with knife to confront female ex-lover, rained punches on her face


Shaffiq Alkhatib
The Straits Times
Sep 29, 2021

A maid was so unhappy after finding out that her female former lover - a fellow domestic worker - had renounced her homosexuality that she decided to arm herself with a knife and confront the latter.

Pintaria Krisnawati Syofah, now 46, barged into the home belonging to her former girlfriend's employer and assaulted the victim, whose name has been redacted from court documents.

The 38-year-old victim's employer, who was working at home, spotted the intruder and told her to leave.

Pintaria was on Wednesday (Sept 29) sentenced to two months and seven weeks' jail.

She had earlier pleaded guilty to offences including criminal intimidation and assault.

The court heard that the two Indonesian women had been in a 12-year relationship.

They broke up in May last year after Pintaria found out that the victim had secretly married a man in Indonesia. Court documents do not state when the marriage took place.

After the split, the two women blocked each other on their communication and social media platforms.

On June 9 last year, Pintaria received from her niece a screenshot of a Facebook conversation between the niece and the victim.

In the conversation, the victim revealed that she had married a man and renounced her homosexuality. She also told the niece that Pintaria had a new girlfriend.

Incensed by the comments, Pintaria decided to confront the victim the next day.

On June 10 last year, she took a taxi to a Pasir Panjang Road condominium and reached the home of the younger woman's employer at around 10.40am.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Huo Jiongrui said: "(Pintaria) rang the doorbell of the unit and hid behind a wall. The victim opened the door, but the accused took cover so that the (victim) would not notice her.

"Seeing no one there, the victim began to close the door. The accused then took the opportunity to barge into the unit."

The victim screamed when Pintaria punched her face but no one came forward to help as her employer was working in his study with his headphones on.

Undeterred, Pintaria dragged the victim by her hair into her bedroom before raining more punches on her face.

The DPP said: "As she did so, the accused demanded to know why the victim had gotten married in secret and why the victim had said the things she said in her conversation with the accused's niece on Facebook.

"The accused asked the victim to delete the posts... The victim instead threw her... mobile phone on the bed and asked the accused to delete (them) herself."

The victim then kicked Pintaria who had tried to slap her.

Enraged, the older woman held a knife in her right hand and told her former girlfriend that she was "not afraid" to use the knife.

Pintaria then noticed that the victim had another mobile phone in a pocket. The offender yanked the device out and threw it onto the floor, damaging it.

The victim took advantage of this brief interlude and sprinted into her employer's study, screaming for help.

The man removed his headphones, left the study and told Pintaria to leave after spotting her in his home. The offender complied and he alerted the police later that morning.

Officers arrested Pintaria at around 12.20pm that day. Her former girlfriend went to the National University Hospital where she was found with bruises on her face and hands.

Pintaria's bail was set at $10,000 on Wednesday and she was ordered to surrender herself at the State Courts on Oct 29 to begin serving her sentence.

For assault, an offender can be jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000.

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