Huge trailer breaks down along Upper Serangoon Road, blocking all 4 lanes and causing massive jam

Submitted by Stomper CS, Willy

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A trailer broke down outside a construction site along Upper Serangoon Road at around 9am today (Sep 28), resulting in a massive traffic jam.

Stompers CS and Willy alerted Stomp to what happened. Photos the sent show all four lanes of the road blocked by the huge trailer that was carrying concrete slabs.

Traffic police officers can also be seen near the trailer.

Said Stomper CS in a telephone interview:

The trailer was perpendicular to the road and made it unpassable. So, traffic was at a standstill."

Stomper Willy said that the traffic jam lasted for some time. He told Stomp:

 "The jam lasted for quite a while. My friend was stuck for at least 30 to 45 minutes in a bus."

"Before police arrived, the construction workers were trying to direct cars into the construction site as there was a small gap but it was really slow as the cars could only go one at a time."

In a tweet by SBS Transit, it was announced that bus services will skip bus stops along Upper Serangoon Road due to the breakdown.


According to The Straits Times, the trailer was towed away at 11.30am.