Love Story: I met him when I was broken and nearly gave up on us after a month

"I met him when I was broken. Broken from my rightful mentality. Broken from my past relationship," said Jessy.

Despite their differences, Jessy still stuck with her partner, Jason.

First meeting during their youthful days in university, they stayed at the same hostel, in-campus and shared many activities together.

Jessy wrote: "He told me I first caught his eyes at our first ‘pasar malam’ (night market) outing but I never take the rumour of him liking me too seriously as whenever we meet, we always call each other ‘bro’ and ‘sis’."

One time, he had even offered to send her to the train station to meet her ex-boyfriend.

They slowly begin to drift apart as things in university were beginning to get busy. 

"He often told me he was he is busy as he was involved in the Chinese drum team and campus activities and as I was busy with AIESEC and catching up grades for my scholarship," wrote Jessy.

They barely kept in touch throughout their second year and according to Jessy, it felt "almost like just another crush".

Till today, Jessy feels that "busy" is just an excuse to forego something that they were not certain of then.

Nevertheless, fate seemed to have it planned out for the two of them.

Before they graduated, they went to Cameron Highlands. Initially, Jessy was not supposed to be part of the trip but a mutual friend had invited her along as she needed a pretty backdrop to shoot some sponsors' products for their university event.

During the trip, their relationship blossomed.

"He will always watch out for me and I will unintentionally look in his direction, that awkward feeling only both of us will know at that point of time," said Jessy.

She added the trip reminded them that they have feelings for each other more than what they had intended.

Even after the trip however, it still took a while before things finally kicked off.

She told Stomp that she almost gave up after a month due to their differences.

Jessy wrote:  "I have a dark side but he’s a simple guy. I have big goals in life with intention to move out of the country we were in but he’s a family man.

"We are not a perfect match in many eyes but, he said that one thing which after almost 4 years now, I still feel that it’s the sweetest thing he ever told me, 'I will not give up on us, no matter what.'"

Fast forwarding to the present day, both of them have communicated with each other clearly and accepted their flaws. 

"We share our goals and duties; we work abroad and return to our home country whenever we can. We secured financial independence and are able to support more than ourselves. Everyone seems to be able to accept if not adore us, despite our differences," said Jessy.

After this upcoming Valentine's day, their relationship faces yet another challenge -- distance.

Jessy is being transferred to to her company's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, but is unable to resign as she is bonded and has to work for at least a year.

"It’s easy for many to say that KL isn’t far from Singapore but after making the decision to live together for the past 8 months, it is definitely hard to accept the fact that we will probably only have time to meet for a brief weekend once a month," said Jessy.

While she feels that this hurdle will challenge their relationship, she believes that it will make it stronger as well.

In a message to her partner, she said: "Darl, this Valentine and coming 4th Anniversary in March, let us cherish all our best moments together at this Lion City before fighting for our better future. Thank you for your patience and determination in the past years."

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