Lousy acting and worst luck ever: China scammer throws himself in front of police car

We have all heard of car accident scams, in which someone throws themselves in front of an oncoming vehicle, pretend to have been hurt in the 'accident' and then demand compensation.

One such scammer in Hefei, China, unwittingly picked the wrong victim to mess with, however.

CCTV footage, which was posted on Weibo, shows the man hanging out in a carpark and using his phone, apparently waiting for his victim.

Upon sighting an approaching vehicle, he walked towards and in front of it, then threw himself down on the road -- despite barely coming into contact with the car.

The man even seemingly pretended to be hurt by folding his hands behind his head.

He lay there for some time until a police officer exited the car, hence prompting the scammer to realise his mistake and get up immediately.

The man's antics was also witnessed by many passers-by.

It is unclear what happened to the scammer after that.