Found: Italian guy's Hugo Boss bag (with salami and 2 handphones) left in Trans Cab taxi

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Update at 4pm:

In response to media queries by Stomp, a Trans Cab spokesperson confirmed the incident and said the bag is currently in their office.

The Stomper has been informed and her friend will be collecting it.

Original article:

An Italian guy, who is currently in Singapore for work, has lost his Hugo Boss bag containing several valuable items after leaving it behind on a taxi and is appealing for help in finding it.

He had boarded the Trans Cab from Orchard Parade Hotel to Gardens by the Bay with three other friends at around 7pm yesterday (Apr 11), and only realised that he had left his bag in the car boot after alighting.

The bag carried two handphones as well as small gifts from Italy, such as salami.

A Stomper alerted Stomp to the bag owner's predicament and shared his appeal for help:

"Yesterday evening at around 7pm to 7.15pm, I took a Trans Cab from Orchard Parade hotel to Gardens by the Bay.

"As we had three other big fellas and me, I asked to leave my big black bag in the car boot. After I alighted, I realised that I had left behind my black bag in the taxi. 

"It was a horrible mistake I made as I have valuables sent from my fellow countryman who came from Italy to visit me in the bag. One such item is a wrapped salami (so tasty).

"I am from Italy and therefore, I am not able to speak English well.

"Taxi uncle might know and I think he is able to verify the incident if I ever get a chance to see him and my black bag again.

"Please help me to find my black bag and thank the taxi uncle in advance for returning my salami back to me."

According to the Stomper, her friend who lost the Hugo Boss bag will be in Singapore for around two more weeks.