Lorry drivers continue blaring horns for 10 min even after residents shouted at them

Residents were left frustrated as a group of lorry drivers blared their horns for about 10 minutes just as they were exiting the carpark at Block 832, Tampines Street 82 today, at around 4.20pm. 

The drivers, suspected to be guests to a wedding held at the foot of a nearby block, continued sounding their horns even after multiple residents shouted at them, telling them to keep it down.

Another resident took a video recording of the din created and sent it to Stomp.

As the vehicles continued honking, a female voice could be heard shouting at them.

However, the drivers paid no heed to the warning. 

Said the concerned resident:

“This is really inconsiderate of them.

"It wasn't just one person shouting at them, there were many.

"Still they continued anyway."