Lorry driver swerves to avoid motorist who was changing lanes on PIE -- then gets hit by another car

A lorry driver swerved to avoid a motorist who was changing lanes on the Pan Island Expressway, only to get hit by another car moments later.

According to the timestamp of a video of what happened posted on ROADS.sg, the incident took place on Sep 18 at 5.24pm.

In the video, the lorry can first be seen travelling on the second lane of the four-lane expressway.

At around the four-second mark of the video, a driver filtered his or her car into the lane the lorry was occupying.

In order to avoid a collision, the lorry driver swerved the vehicle and subsequently lost control of it.

The lorry skidded and veered into the first lane. 

A car driver who was on that lane at that point, could not stop in time and rammed into the side of the lorry.

The impact sent the lorry across all four lanes. It crashed into the metal barrier on the left of the fourth lane.

The car that hit the lorry collided with the road divider at the centre of the expressway.

It is unclear what happened thereafter.