Lorry driver flees after colliding into car, sends it crashing up road divider on Lentor Ave

Submitted by Stomper Toh

A truck GBC8569J travelling on the middle lane on Lentor Avenue towards Yio Chu Kang collided into a silver car when it suddenly swerved to the right into the rightmost lane, sending the car crashing into the road divider, while it sped off. 

The incident happened yesterday (Jun 17) at around 2.06pm and was witnessed by Stomper Toh who was in the vicinity.

Toh sent to Stomp a video of the accident which was captured on his dashboard camera. 

In the video, the truck was first seen moving down the centre lane ahead of Toh's vehicle, when it suddenly swerved to the right, hitting a silver car which was on the rightmost lane.

The silver car is then sent crashing up the road divider with smoke emitted from the vehicle.

The front of the car was also visibly damaged. 

Said Toh:

"The lorry just left immediately.

"Hope the police catch the driver soon."

Stomp has reached out to the police for an official statement on the hit-and-run accident.