Company counsels lorry driver accused of trying to hit Stomper's car, says her hubby flashed middle finger

Submitted by Stomper Roselyn

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They felt threatened.

A lorry driver allegedly tried to "bang" a car that a woman's family was in by swerving towards it after both vehicles exited the Seletar Expressway at Woodlands Avenue 12.

Sharing a video of the incident, Stomper Roselyn said it happened on Nov 28 at 5.45pm.

She recounted: "My husband was driving and this lorry wanted to overtake and cut queue, but the driver never even signalled. When he did, it was too late. My husband could not stop as it would affect the car behind.

"But the lorry did cut queue and once we exited the expressway, my husband tried to overtake to see the company's name and number on the lorry.

"I saw the driver swerve the lorry and wanted to bang our car. After that, he showed his middle finger. So rude. I got two kids inside!"

The Stomper said they felt threatened by the lorry driver.

After the incident, she called the company whose name and number were on the lorry and spoke to a woman. The Stomper said emotions were high due to what happened.

"The person from the company sided with the driver! We asked her to get back to me once she had spoken to the driver, but until now, nobody has apologised.

"My kids were terrified because of the driver and he almost banged the car we were in. But the company doesn't care and won't let the reckless driver go.

"This is too much frustration."

In response to a Stomp query, the company, Sin Seng Hup Recycle Auto Parts, said that it did apologise to the Stomper on the phone and offered to call her back after speaking to the driver, but the Stomper's husband angrily took over the phone and told the company not to bother.

The company added that it has counselled the driver, who claimed that he did not show his middle finger, but the Stomper's husband did.