Long queues for Christmas orders at Cold Storage outlets on eve of holiday: 'What a nightmare'

Submitted by Stomper Kwan

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A nightmare before Christmas?

There were long lines at more than one Cold Storage location as people waited for reportedly up to three hours to collect their pre-ordered Christmas food on the eve of the holiday.

Stomper Kwan, who ordered the Impossible lasagne and banjo shoulder bone-in ham for $124, waited for more than 1½ hours at the Tampines 1 outlet.

"I reached Cold Storage before 3pm and there was already a long queue outside just to get a number. It took 15 to 20 minutes to get a number and inside it was packed with people all waiting for collection," recounted the Stomper.

He shared photos of the long queue outside the store and the crowd in the supermarket aisles.

"My number was 336 and the Cold Storage aunty said the wait was easily 30 minutes. I went to drink coffee and when I came back, it was only number 310."

"The crowd was getting restless and more people were pouring in to join the waiting party.

"I walked around the mall to avoid waiting with so many people. I was afraid of Covid. I came back again and waited for quite some time before finally collecting my order and I was able to leave at 4:30pm."

"I believe those behind me still queuing for their number were sure to miss their dinner party as with food like ham and turkey, you still need to go home and put it in the oven for 1½ hours at least.

There are also several complaints on the Cold Storage Facebook page about the long queues with one customer describing it as a "nightmare" at the Parkway Parade outlet.

Another person said she waited three hours.

The Stomper said: "Terrible management as we all pre-ordered from Cold Storage and they knew how many orders they received.

"It was crazy. Many people were complaining and swearing, but no choice, just have to wait."

Stomp has contacted Cold Storage for more info.

Last year, there were similar queues of people waiting to collect their Christmas orders at Collin's Grille outlets on Christmas Eve.