LOL! Malaysian villagers punish coconut thieves by tying them to tree

Two coconut thieves in Malaysia found themselves punished in the most unusual way.

The two men were caught stealing the popular fruit at a school in Kampung Batu 7 Lekir in Malaysia on Jun 3, reports Berita Kuantan 2.0.

The local villagers managed to capture the men after seeing them climb the five-metre high coconut tree.

They then tied them to the tree as punishment while waiting for the police to arrive.

The former village head named Mohd Yaacob Hashim said:

"They admitted to having taken the coconuts so we tied them both up to the tree using the same rope they had used to pluck the fruit."

One of them was described as being a teenager while the other was reported to be in his 30s.

Their getaway car, a Proton Wira, was found to be filled with many more coconuts but it is unclear where they came from.

Mohd Yaacob clarified that although the villagers tied the thieves up, they did not hit or hurt them while waiting for the police to arrive.