'Localised' student from China laments about difficulty securing employment in S’pore

Submitted by Stomper Andre

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Stomper Andre, a foreign student from China recently shared about difficulties he faced securing a job here in Singapore.

Andre, who has lived in Singapore for 13 years, completed his primary school, secondary school as well as his polytechnic studies here in Singapore.

In fact, many of his friends call Andre a 'Singaporeanized' People's Republic of China (PRC) citizen.

After completing his diploma studies, Andre was offered a place in a company which he had interned at.

Having been rejected by two local universities, he decided to work instead but was told that the company would only offer him a monthly salary of S$1,800.

The employment opportunity, however, would only be granted if he held an S Pass. 

According to Ministry of Manpower (MOM), an S Pass applicant needs to earn at least S$2,200 a month, amongst other requirements to be eligible. 

As the salary offered did not meet the requirement, Andre was unable to apply for an S Pass in the first place. 

Said Andre: "In the end, we could not come to a solution for my work pass."

Andre said that he had opted to serve National Service, but was rejected as he was not a Permanent Resident. 

Andre continued: "I start becoming more and more worried about my future."