Local startup LOVEWIN has celebs backing it -- and members can win luxury prizes

Karen Lim
Sunday, Jul 23, 2017

We've all seen celebrities involved in various charities or causes that help to raise awareness. Lately, it seems like some of them have given a nod of approval to a new local social enterprise called LOVEWIN

Attracting the likes of big names in showbiz, such as Taiwanese singers Vanness Wu, Elva Hsiao and Wu Chun, as well as Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin, LOVEWIN is a platform that allows its members to win luxury prizes by playing a mini game for just US$1 (S$1.35).

Other celebrities that have expressed their support for LOVEWIN also include Singaporean actor Terence Chao and Thai actresses Ying and Woonsen.

But why are these celebrities jumping on the bandwagon and backing this startup?

The answer probably lies in its unique proposition which stands out among many other startups today. Rather than just providing a service, may it be Uber rides or food delivery, LOVEWIN is the first online platform that lets people get something out of doing good.

And all for just a dollar.

Here's how it works

LOVEWIN members play a simple 60-sec memory and skills game for luxury prizes. After a 10-day period, the member with the highest score wins, provided the prize has met a minimum number of games.

New batches of prizes are released every 10 days, among which include luxury bags and watches, a trip overseas and accessories for both men and women from high-end fashion brands.

But it's not just about winning something nice: LOVEWIN says it gives 5 per cent of the US$1 to a partner charity. Members who sign up need to pay an annual subscription fee of US$1, of which 100 per cent goes to charity too.

Sounds good? It probably does for Vanness, who is an ardent supporter of the platform and appears in a number of video messages on LOVEWIN's Facebook and website.

"I think everybody, not just celebrities, enjoy shopping, travelling and so on.

"If there is a platform through which people can get what they desire and yearn for - while helping and giving back, and also raising awareness of these children and people in need - this makes such a platform powerful and rare," said the singer.

LOVEWIN was launched in April this year, and is the brainchild of Singaporean founder and creative director Mr Marcus Savage, who believes that the desire for luxury and the desire of giving back can be a "happy marriage".

The 49-year-old explained that most people are aware that they have to do their part for charity and to support social organisations. However, there are too many and some don't know where to start.

"This is not because they are not charitable. It's simply because they aren't aware enough about charities and don't know which to support.

"LOVEWIN was created so that people could learn about these charities and support them while they pursued their own desire for luxuries," added Mr Savage.

Among the partnered charities include the Rare Disorders Society Singapore (RDSS), a non-profit organisation initiated by parents of children with Lysosomal Storage Disorder, a rare inherited metabolic disorder.

LOVEWIN is present not just in Singapore, but also in Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan. Its other charity partners in the region include Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders and Wishing Well Foundation in Thailand.

To date, the startup has close to 7,800 members, with over 2,000 who have played for prizes on the platform.

Over 50 have won prizes such as Chanel bags, air tickets and accommodation for a holiday in Sydney, the latest Samsung and Apple smartphones, and a Tag Heuer watch, among others.

So, when's the last time you supported a social cause that allowed you to get something out of it too?