Local actor Noah Yap shows how he saved almost $3k in loose change over 4 years

Are you one of those people who hate getting change back in coins? You might want to reconsider that after reading Noah Yap's story on how he saved close to $3,000 from his loose change.

The Ah Boys to Men actor shared his experience on Facebook with the header: THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR CHANGE!

On Oct 13, he went to a bank to deposit the coins that he has been saving in a large bottle for the past four years.

He had to use three bags to carry all that change.

He quipped, "Looks like my Tokyo trip next week is settled."

The total amount he got was $2,940.80 after a deposit fee of $90.30 was deducted.

The coin deposit machine charges a fee of $1.20 per 100 coins, or $0.012 per piece, regardless of denomination.

So the other lesson here? Try to deposit more $1 coins to make it worth your while.

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