Little girl does not realise that she's in great danger while posing for this photo

A mother and daughter were out for a fashion photoshoot in Australia, a continent known to be brimming with all sorts of wildlife.

Instagram user @missmooandcrew had her little girl, Molly, pose by a fence in a field -- only to see something move out of the corner of her eye.

She wrote in her post three days ago, "[I] thought it was bark falling from the tree as it was so windy... looked up to see this big mother of a brown slide past Miss Molly."

The so-called 'bark' turned out to be a huge brown snake slithering around, which the child did not notice.

"She didn't even notice it thankfully and is totally fine, I still haven't recovered!!" said the mother, who added that the reptile was at least two metres long.

"A timely reminder to keep a good lookout around you."

Remember to check your surroundings before taking pictures, because danger could just be lurking right around the corner.