Limousine driver accuses motorist of "stealing" his lot, blocks him for 2 hours at Taman Jurong Superbowl

Submitted by Stomper Jordan

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Stomper Jordan was frustrated when he encountered a driver who refused to let him exit his parking lot at Taman Jurong Superbowl yesterday afternoon (Jun 30).

Jordan was about to reverse into a parking lot that had just been vacated when the driver came from behind and started maneuvering his vehicle to park in the same lot too.

However, Jordan proceeded to park but when he was in the lot, the limousine driver parked his vehicle right in front of his car.

"He said that the lot belongs to him because he saw it first," said Jordan.

The driver then threatened him and said that he would block him from coming out of the lot.

He then left his limousine in front of Jordan's car and walked away.

He came back 30 minutes later and proceeded to move backwards and forwards to let other drivers out after sounded their horns at him to move his limousine.

However, he continued to block Jordan from driving out.

"I was stuck there for two hours because of this man," said the Stomper.

Finally, the limousine driver moved his vehicle to an empty lot before Jordan could drive off.

Watch the video below.