'Lightning chaser' stays up to catch spectacular show in Bukit Panjang at 5am

Submitted by Stomper Yen Sim

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Staying up has its perks.

For Stomper Yen Sim, it was getting to witness a magnificent lightning show from his home in Bukit Panjang in the early hours of Sunday (Dec 4).

She shared a video of the stunning sight taken on his iPhone 12 Mini at around 5am.

Vivid strikes of lightning can be seen, turning the sky purple.

The Stomper said: "What an amazing lightning show!

"There were three massive hits that shook the earth near me, but this bolt must have been the one that woke my neighbours up, and I had the privilege of catching it in full glory.

"There is lightning here all the time, it just depends on how strong and when. I was awake and waiting for this."

Asked how she felt about what she witnessed, Yen Sim told Stomp: "I live for it. I’m a lightning chaser."