Life-like sand sculptures mesmerise visitors at Sentosa

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Stomper Art Enthusiast was wowed when he visited Sentosa Sandsation at Siloso Beach on Sep 14.

He told Stomp that there was a crowd of visitors who came to view the sculptures.

"Many of these sculptors come from Europe and some come from as far as Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic," said the Stomper.

"From afar, these human figurines look quite real and the sculptors put in many hours of painstaking work to finish the product.

"This exhibition is worth a visit by locals and tourists alike."

Occupying around 2,400 square metres of Siloso Beach, visitors can view over 30 larger-than-life sand sculptures this month.

Some of the sculptures even reach five-metres in height.

This weekend is the last chance for those who have not yet been with its last day on Sep 17.