Life is more than a rat race, it's like a snail race, says Stomper

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lup

While waiting outside Ang Mo Kio MRT Station yesterday afternoon (Jun 1), Stomper Lau Lup came across a handful of water snails in a small drain behind a bus stop. 

He decided to catch a few of the larger specimens to keep as pets in his aquarium. 

As he was turning in, Lau Lup was surprised to the snails crawling as fast as they could from the point where they were released. 

Said Lau Lap::

“Their simultaneous crawling behaviour resembles a race!

“There was no food at the end point, yet the the snails continued crawling as if they were in a race.

“In fact, they were crawling towards the mouth of my pet fish!

“They were not so active when I first found them.

“I feel like the snails bear resemblance to us humans.

“Day and night we engage in a rat race, but do we ever stop to contemplate about life?

“Is a human’s life just about his job, family, money and health?

“Or is there something much more meaningful than all these?”

Lau Lup added:

“I’m sure Singaporean guys are all aware of these saying, ‘wait to rush, rush to wait’ .

“It would be very tragic if we lived our lives like this.”