Li Nanxing reveals why he couldn't keep eye contact with co-star Chen Liping

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February 15, 2023

You would think being friends would help raise the comfort level between two actors on set.

But for Li Nanxing and Chen Liping, who starred in the 1989 classic TV series Good Morning Sir, that wasn’t actually the case.

In the latest episode of The Reunion, a Mediacorp talk show in which cast members of classic dramas reunite, Li, 58, and Chen, 57, spoke about their time filming the show, during which the former also revealed why they both struggled to maintain eye contact while filming their scenes. 

Li’s rationale: Because they were already too familiar with each other before they shot the show. 

In the drama, Chen plays Shen Rong, a ditzy teacher who is sent to a village to teach, while Li plays Zhou Wenjie, the village’s resident Chinese doctor. They eventually fall in love as the show goes on. 

Li and Chen, then 24 and 23 respectively, became friends while attending the same drama training class at then-Singapore Broadcasting Corporation. 

“To be honest, we were from the same training course. We couldn’t maintain eye contact while talking,” Li said, adding that they were too familiar with each other.

“I learnt how to avert my eyes [while acting] 'cos of her!” Li exclaimed.

“No! You did that on your own!” Chen countered.

Li also reminisced about how his character’s mannerisms were influenced by Chen, who “moved about a lot” while acting, and said he would always burst into laughter whenever he heard Chen’s signature “Aiyoyo” catchphrase from the series.

You can watch The Reunion series here.

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