Man buys $1.2k Samsung TV from LazMall, gets message that it has been delivered but not the TV

Submitted by Stomper Albert

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He thought he was careful.

Stomper Albert ordered the TV from the Samsung official online store on Lazada.

Not only that, it was part of the Lazada sub-brand LazMall, which guarantees that the product is 100 per cent authentic or you get twice your money back.

That is, if you even get your product.

The Stomper ordered the Samsung 55-inch Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV during the 11.11 sale event.

"After careful consideration, I decided to get the TV with the LazMall guarantee from the Samsung official store even though the price was higher by $200 compared to other sellers," said the Stomper.

"Before I made the purchase, I enquired about the delivery date from Samsung. The reply was 'as soon as possible' and someone would contact me in a few days."

When he did not hear from Samsung for a few days after he made the purchase, the Stomper contacted the seller on Nov 17.

"To my surprise, it was the same reply, 'as soon as possible' and someone will contact me.

"Next, I contacted Lazada and told them about the issue. One agent, Christel, assured me that they will look into the matter and contact Samsung. And Lazada did contact Samsung because the next day, I saw a text in my chat.

"I was expecting a delivery date or something like that. Instead, it turned out to be the most horrible experience.

"In the message, Samsung said very clearly they will treat my TV as 'delivered', but they will send it later 'as soon as possible'. This is because of the Lazada refund policy whereby a refund will be made if there’s a delay in delivery.

"Twenty minutes later, I saw in my account that my TV was delivered."

But the Stomper had not received his TV. He was shocked.

"This was the first time I purchased something costing $1.2k online and to prevent getting scammed, I followed all the advice. I spent extra and purchased from LazMall and the 'respectable' Samsung official store. However, this purchase turned out to be a complete nightmare.

"How can a product that is not delivered be stated as delivered and they tell you it’s because of the refund policy?"

What can be done about this?

In response to a Stomp query, Lazada said it has introduced a new feature to protect the buyer in a situation like this.

"Our newly launched Buyer Confirmation Button serves to improve the shopping experience for both shoppers and sellers.

"With it, shoppers can immediately indicate that their purchases are received in good order, while also ensuring that sellers deliver orders promptly and accurately.

"In the event that a shopper is not satisfied with his purchase, he can easily request for a return or refund instead of clicking the Buyer Confirmation Button."

As for the Stomper, he told Stomp that his order has since been cancelled and he was refunded.

His TV was never delivered.