Lawyer attacked by wild boar at 25 Hillview: "I got chased for two rounds, it outran me totally"

The lawyer who was attacked by a wild boar at 25 Hillview Avenue last Thursday (Oct 19) said that his mind went blank as the wild boar chased and outran him. 

The incident was reported by Stomp in an earlier article, and the wild boar which bit the victim on his left leg was subsequently killed after getting hit by a bus while running away. 

Mr Jin, 44, was reportedly on his way home after sending his daughter to school, when he encountered the animal, standing three to 4m away from him. 

He recounted his harrowing encounter to Lianhe Wanbao:

“I was walking quite fast then, as I was rushing back home to rest.

“Maybe my footsteps alarmed the boar.

“It was originally facing the road but turned to face me, before charging.

“My mind went blank, and I immediately ran.

“I got chased for two rounds, it outran me totally.

“Later it shoved me to the ground and bit my leg.”

Fortunately, passersby quickly stepped forth to render assistance. 

Some motorists even stopped their vehicles and took out first-aid kits to tend to his wounds. 

The grateful man added:

“I saw someone wielding a stick, chasing after the boar.

“Another passerby said he was a doctor and stepped forth to help.

“Others called for an ambulance.

“A person even unbuckled my belt and wrapped it around my wounds once it has been bandaged.”

Mr Jin added that he had an operation after that and his wounds are healing well. 

He will be discharged on Friday (Oct 27) and will stay home for a while to recuperate before going back to work.