Law firm responds to "dogs**t" comment: They had a meltdown because of the word "pathetic"

Submitted by Stomper Terry

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A law firm that called a potential client "dogs**t" has reached out to the Stomper and to Stomp following a report on the incident.

Vexus Law contacted Stomper Terry to explain that the whole incident was a misunderstanding.

"They actually did reply to my first message and provided the necessary details for the meetup for the deed poll service," said Terry.

"However, due to some technical issues, I was not able to receive the text message they sent.

"If I am correct, this usually happens when text/pictures are sent using "text messages" instead of "iMessages" for iPhone users."

Terry told Stomp that the law firm sent him screenshots of the text conversation from their side to show that they had indeed replied to his initial message.

(Read the full conversation in the gallery above)

"The whole incident could have been avoided if not for the technical issue," said Terry.

"It is incredibly wrong of them, as a professional law firm to reply with a scathing response, but I do acknowledge it is my fault as well to send them a harsh message, "your service is pathetic", without finding the reason as to why they did not reply on time."

Vexus Law also reached out to Stomp and said: "The dogs**t comment arose from a meltdown from the use of Terry’s phrase 'pathetic'."

Terry informed Stomp that the firm offered to do the deed poll service for free to "bury the hatchet" but he declined as he had already gone ahead and done it with another firm.

He added that he has decided to let the matter rest and will not report the firm to the Law Society of Singapore.

"I hope this serves as a reminder to them to treat their potential clients right," he said.