Lau Lup gets auspicious sign that he might prosper for nine generations

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lup

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When Stomper Lau Lup withdrew money from an ATM on Jul 27 to pay off a housing loan, he discovered something very interesting about the serial numbers on the $50 bills he received.

"Among the $50 bills, I was able to find two of them with seemingly auspicious serial numbers," said Lau Lup.

He explained that in Chinese, the serial numbers of the two bills sounded like prosperous fortunes:

"5AB889894 = 我发发久,发九世!Sounds like I am going to prosper for nine generations.

"3GS416888 = 三世,一路发发发! Sounds like three generations will be prosperous.

"Finding these two bills seems like we will be able to prosper and return our housing loan.

"Having these bills also suggest that we are doing the right thing to settle our debts first before prosperity comes for future generations!

"Inspired by the serial numbers, I told my dad, whom I got the loan from, to keep the auspicious bills for me until I exchanged them with another $100 in a few days time.

"I am hoping to keep the lucky bills for collection.

"He agreed to keep the two bills for exchange but commented that I'm being superstitious."