Lau Lup finds hungry monkeys "wrecking havoc" at MacRitchie Reservoir bus stop

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lup

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Stomper Lau Lup was at a bus stop outside the MacRitchie Reservoir at 1.35pm last Saturday (Aug 18) when he saw a troop of monkeys "wrecking havoc".

In a video he shared with Stomp, the monkeys are seen sifting through the dustbins and helping themselves to discarded food items.

A passerby is also seen walking past the monkeys and he appears dumbfounded at the sight before him.

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Lau Lup said: "I was waiting for the bus when I saw these monkeys, there were about 10 of them.

"It was my first time seeing them wrecking havoc in this area, they were rummaging for food and I even saw some of them fighting. It seemed like there was a dominant male monkey.

"The person who walked past in the video also looked helpless when he saw the monkeys.

"I find this situation amusing and ironic because there are signs on the dustbins which claimed that its design is to prevent animals from tampering with it but that was exactly what the monkeys were doing."