Passengers alight at Bukit Panjang LRT Station after services suspended due to traction power trip

Submitted by Stomper Izal

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Passengers had to alight at Bukit Panjang LRT station after services along the Bukit Panjang LRT (BPLRT) network were suspended yesterday night (Nov 7) due to a traction power trip. 

Stomper Izal alerted Stomp to the incident when he was at Bukit Panjang LRT Station at 11.40pm.

He sent Stomp a video he captured with his phone showing commuters exiting the station.

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In response to a Stomp query, Ms Margaret Teo, Vice President, Corporate Communications, SMRT Corporation said:

"At about 10.40pm on Wednesday (Nov 7), there was a traction power trip on the Bukit Panjang LRT, caused by a train which had stalled at Bukit Panjang LRT Station.

"All passengers on the train disembarked at the platform.

"Preliminary investigations indicate that a collector shoe had dislodged from one of the LRT train cars. The affected LRT train was then moved back to the depot for further checks.

"Free regular and bridging bus services were available till the end of service.

"Train services were unavailable for the rest of the evening but resumed for services this morning.

"We apologise to all commuters affected last evening." 

They posted an update on their Twitter at 11.56pm on Nov 7 saying that services had been disrupted due to a power fault.

 At 12.26am on Nov 8, they tweeted that engineers were rectifying the issue.

At 12.50am, they tweeted an apology that train services were unable to resume.

The last train on the BPLRT network usually departs Bukit Panjang station at 1.02am.

At 5.15am this morning, they updated their Twitter and said that train services had resumed.

Earlier this week on Nov 5, the BPLRT network was affected from Phoenix LRT station to Bukit Panjang LRT Station due to a traction power trip, which affected services from 7.25am to 7.53am.