Large tree falls at Compassvale Drive

Submitted by Stomper Junior

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A large tree fell across Compassvale Drive today (July 16) at about 12pm.

Stomper Junior who was visiting a friend’s house nearby told Stomp in a phone interview that the tree had fallen close to Block 201B, Compassvale Drive.

He took some photos and sent them to Stomp. 

Said Junior:

“The tree was quite big, so when it fell, both lanes on the road were blocked off.

“Thankfully, the authorities arrived within 15 mins.”

There were also two police patrol cars according to Junior.

When he passed by the scene again at 1pm, one of the affected lanes had been reopened. 

Junior added:

“Just wanted to say thanks to the workers and authorities who are so efficient!”

The National Parks Board (NParks) also confirmed with Stomp that they received a call regarding the fallen tree at 12.20pm, and that no one was hurt.