Kudos to this dedicated cleaner for keeping Hougang block spick and span every day

Submitted by Stomper Ang

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A cleaner at Block 926 Hougang Street 91 has impressed Stomper Ang with the dedication and diligence she puts into her job.

Ang said that he noticed the woman, who is from Ang Mo Kio Town Council, going the distance to keep the block clean every early morning.

He told Stomp: "I recognise her because she is always very neat, with a mask and a cap.

"She climbs up onto the concrete structure of the disposal bay to wipe the top and surface of the letterbox. She also wipes the surfaces of the lifts and sweeps the floor as part of her daily routine.

"I think she does the same for a few others blocks and has been doing so for at least over a year.

"Everyone touches the surface areas of lifts and letterboxes daily, leaving bacteria on them. She is so dedicated and diligent to be wiping them every day.

"All town councils should aim for the same to promote a healthier living environment for Housing Board residents."