Kudos to NSFs who rendered assistance to injured motorcyclist after accident at Mandai Rd

Submitted by Stomper Klazick

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Klazick wants to salute two national servicemen who stopped to render assistance to an injured motorcyclist involved in an accident at Mandai Road yesterday (Aug 12) at around 11.30pm.

When Klazick arrived at the scene, he helped to direct traffic as others were already working to keep the injured rider conscious.

2LT Tan Hae San and LCP Chung Jing Kai were on their way back to Khatib Camp when they stopped to help the rider along with other members of the public.

"These two soldiers tried their very best to keep the injured rider safe with the best of their knowledge and went out of their way to render assistance," said Klazick.

"They are the heroes who not only protect us during times of war but even during such unforeseen incidents.

"They stopped their military vehicle and provided aid in terms of frontline medical needs to the victim.

"I'm very honoured to see such acts when nobody else noticed their presence as they were focused on the victim who appeared motionless. 

"Kudos and my sincerest salute to these Men in Green for being good Samaritans as they had just completed their exercise and were heading back towards Khatib Camp."

In response to Stomp media queries, a police spokesman said that the police were alerted to the accident involving a car and a motorcycle at 11.31pm.

The 30-year-old male motorcyclist was conscious when conveyed to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.