Kudos to motorist and pedestrian for removing row of bikes left in middle of road at Yishun

A row of bikes were left lying in the middle of Yishun Avenue 3 today (June 4), posing a danger to motorists on the road.

Facebook user Vincent Yong Sheng posted videos from his car cameras of the scene.

He was making a U-turn when he had to stop and reverse to re-adjust his car in order to avoid hitting the yellow bikes, believed to be from bike-sharing company, ofo.

He then pulled over in front of the bicycles and got out to move them to the pavement.

A pedestrian is seen walking over to help him as well.

In his post, Vincent had scathing words for whoever left the bikes on the road:

"To the brainless people who did this, you think it's funny? 

"What if it's your family members get involve into [sic] this accident because of your doing?

"Good luck to you!

"Thanks ah bang who helped move the ofo bike[s] away from the road as well."