Grab driver returns Stomper's wallet -- with winning football ticket worth $8,500

Submitted by Stomper Leo

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Stomper Leo accidentally left behind his wallet -- containing $350 cash and a winning football ticket worth $8,500, in a Grab vehicle that he had boarded on June 27.

Leo had taken the Grab ride from 112 Katong shopping mall to his home at Block 9 Bedok South, at around 4.45am.

He later woke up thinking that his wallet was gone and made a police report as well as cancelled all his credit cards -- but realised that the Grab driver had already dropped the item off at his house and left it with the Stomper's maid.

Leo's wallet also carried his Identification Card (IC), debit and credit cards.

Said the Stomper:

"I would like to commend this Grab driver for his honesty in returning me my wallet that I left in his car. Also, I would like to commend his passenger who found my wallet first and returned it to him.

"First of all, the driver dropped my cousin off and according to Grab's rules, he should have charged me $5 extra for another destination but he went out of his way to send me home after that without any surcharge.

"He picked up another passenger after that and his passenger found my wallet and passed it to him.

"After that, he drove to my house and returned it to me.

"It's great to see such honesty in Singapore. I always lose my stuff when on business trips overseas but have never once gotten my things back, so I am very thankful about this incident."

Leo had also texted the driver, Jeff, to thank him and said that everything in his wallet was intact.

"You are the man!" he added.