Kudos to captain of bus service 67 for going the extra mile to ensure everyone gets to board

Submitted by Stomper Raven

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Raven wants to express his gratitude to SMRT bus driver Sarevanan for going the extra mile to ensure all passengers boarded his bus safely yesterday (Jan 31).

Raven was walking towards a bus stop at Upper Bukit Timah Road yesterday at around 11.13pm and was afraid that he would miss his bus.

"Another bus service had driven past and went right by the bus stop because they did not see anyone there," he said.

"Thankfully, Sarevanan, the bus driver of bus service 67, waited at the bus stop to make sure nobody was left behind.

"He was alert and noticed me walking towards the bus stop.

"I am so happy that he noticed I was on the way otherwise he could have driven off and not seen me coming.

"A happy Thaipusam to you, sir! Take care!"