Kudos to awesome Grab driver for sending passenger with knee pain all the way to doorstep!

Submitted by Stomper Muaz

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

What was supposed to be a painful ordeal was made a little more tolerable by a Grab driver who helped Stomper Muaz all the way to the doorstep as the Stomper was having severe knee pain.

This act of kindness took place at 9.28am on Sep 28 near Bedok Reservoir Road.

When asked to recount his experience of what had happened, the Stomper replied, "I was sent back home from school due to a serious knee injury. I had difficulties walking.

"After arriving at my destination, he asked if I could walk. I couldn't. He told me to wait. He then parked his car and walked with me to my doorstep."

He also mentioned that prior to the start of the journey, the Grab driver had also helped him board the car.

The Stomper commended his willingness to help and added, "I think (the driver) should really be known for his kind act and for going beyond the call of duty."