King cobra swinging from branch at MacRitchie Nature Trail wows visitors

Submitted by Stomper Masnashzreen

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A few visitors to MacRitchie Nature Trail witnessed the spectacular sight of a king cobra swinging from a tree branch on Sunday afternoon (Feb 21).

Stomper Masnashzreen shared with Stomp a video of the snake swinging and dangling from a tree that he took at about 3.52pm.

He told Stomp that he made sure to keep a safe distance while taking the video even though there were other visitors who got closer to take photos and videos of the reptile.

In the video, people are heard exclaiming in awe.

"Adult king cobras are three to four metres-long on average so I made sure I was at a safe distance to experience it face-to-face while taking the video as it is the world's longest venomous snake," he said.

"I feel that hikers and joggers will be extra cautious in this environment where we don't know what is waiting for us.

"I'm lucky enough to experience this creature as usually, I would see it on the TV or on the web, but this time I got to see it with my own eyes.

"Am I considered lucky? I guess so."