Kind woman who offers auntie ride after MRT delay is met with more kindness when cabby gives $16 discount

They say what goes around, comes around and this was demonstrated when one woman offered to give a ride to an auntie who was also stranded by the disruption on the North South MRT line on Jun 28.

Nurul 'Izzah Khamsani‎ shared her amazing story on the Singapore Kindness Movement Facebook page.

She was waiting for a taxi at Jurong East along with several other commuters after train service had been disrupted.

She had tried calling for a cab several times and finally got one when she noticed a "frail old nonya" waiting for a taxi to no avail.

She wrote: "I felt pity for her and decided to ask for her destination, hoping it's [on] my way so I can help her.

"Fortunately, our destination was the same, Yishun!

"She was so relieved and I was happy to help her."

When their taxi arrived, Nurul explained what had happened to the cabby. What happened next will put a smile on your face:

"Along the way, he stopped the meter, restarted it and said that there was a discount because he said I helped the auntie and I was going to visit my mother at the hospital.

"He was so kind and we are so touched.

"Thank you Mr Koh for giving us such a great discount of $16 despite the heavy traffic and peak hour.

"God bless you."