Kind uncle brings free veggies and smiles to residents at CCK

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Update on Jul 5:

The Stomp Team made a trip down to present the kind uncle with Stomp Goody Bag for his good deed on. Read more about our meeting with him and get a glimpse of his 'veggie giveaway' here.

Original article:

Residents in Choa Chu Kang have their own heartland hero who gives out free vegetables to the community.

Stomper Aaron shared with Stomp how this uncle comes to the area regularly to give out vegetables like kangkong and cucumbers for free to his ardent group of supporters who eagerly wait for him with their baskets and trolleys in tow.

Stomp understands that the uncle comes to the area three times a week and that the vegetables are leftovers from his stall that he gives away to residents for free so as not to waste.

"The uncle and his truck full of vegetable is always a welcome sight in Choa Chu Kang," said Aaron.

"All are welcome and he freely distributes them with a smile on his face.

"We need more generous and giving people like Veggie Uncle in the world!

"I hope that folks will find some way to give back to him as well!"

It is heartening to know that such kind-hearted souls strive to give and do good in their own way.

Stomp would like to get in contact with this Veggie Uncle. If you know how we can reach him, kindly email Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.