Kind strangers help wheelchair-bound uncle whose path was blocked by car in Hougang

Submitted by Stomper Yijin

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A man on his wheelchair had difficulty navigating onto a pedestrian walkway, but strangers were quick to come to the rescue.

Stomper Yijin said the incident occurred near a 24-hour coffee shop at Block 401 Hougang Avenue 10 on Friday (Oct 2), at around 12.05am.

He told Stomp: "A Honda car was illegally parked at the roadside. I suspect the driver stopped his vehicle there to go have supper at the coffee shop nearby.

"As seen in the pictures, the car was parked where the traffic light is and blocking the pedestrian walkway.

"There was a pedestrian who was wheelchair-bound and had difficulty going up the walkway.

"Luckily, a few passers-by helped the uncle up the walkway."

Yijin said there were three others who helped the uncle, though he did not know them.

The Stomper added: "After helping the uncle, he asked if we needed drinks from the coffee shop as he was headed there.

"Separately, I hope the authorities can track down the driver who had parked illegally and take action against such inconsiderate behaviour. Thank you."

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