Kind strangers go all the way to Mandai family's home to deliver cheques lost in Sembawang

Submitted by Stomper Anon

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Two kind strangers literally went the extra mile to return lost cheques that they found in Sembawang on Sunday (Oct 18).

Stomper Anon said her husband had misplaced two cheques, amounting to $3,000 to $4,000 in total, at Sembawang Shopping Centre at around noon.

However, they did not realise it until that evening, when a young man and his female companion dropped by the couple's home to return the cheques.

Anon, who lives in the vicinity of Mandai, said: "I would like to thank this man and a lady who came over to my place at around 6.45pm in the evening to deliver two cheques that my husband misplaced earlier that day.

"My husband didn't know that he had dropped the cheques. He said they had probably fallen out of his pocket when he took out his wallet."

Fortunately, the cheques had the couple's address on them,

Anon added: "I am sorry that I didn't get the man's name. We would like to commend him and the lady for making the effort to pass our missing cheques to us.

"A really big thank you to you and the lady, we really appreciate it!

"Let us all keep the kindness going around."