Kind stranger from chat group responds to woman's plea for help to change punctured tyre

Submitted by Stomper Joo

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Stomper Joo was touched when a stranger came to her aid to help changer her punctured tyre today (Aug 1).

Joo was about to head out in the morning when she noticed that one of her tyres was flat due to a puncture.

Having recently joined a Telegram chat group posting updates about Singapore and Malaysia road traffic, Joo decided to ask for help.

"I desperately did a shout out in the group and the group's admin, Brother Soda replied to me and came to my rescue within 30 minutes," she told Stomp.

"He is a stranger I have never met before yet he quickly came to help me after responding to my message."

Joo, who was at a multi-storey carpark near her home in Marsiling, said that Soda travelled to where she was from his home in Woodlands via e-scooter.

She estimated that it was a 20-minute ride.

"Not everyone would be willing to come down to help a complete stranger," she said.

"After I thanked him, he joked that he came to my rescue because I participated in posting traffic updates in the group.

"I cannot thank him enough so I wanted to post this to Stomp.

"Thank you, Brother Soda, for your prompt and helpful gesture.  

"It is always good to know more people and I'm blessed to know great people like him!"