Kind souls rush to help female biker who fell after hitting car along Tanjong Kling Road

Submitted by Stomper Stone

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A group of workers, as well as Stomper Stone, rushed to help a biker who was involved in an accident along Tanjong Kling Road in Pioneer today (Sep 26) at around 7.30am.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper said that the female biker was trying to overtake a stationary lorry at the side of the road just before the accident happened.

As there was only one lane, the biker rode in the middle of the road to get past the huge vehicle. A car was travelling in the opposite direction on her right as she was doing so.

She failed to stop her motorcycle in time and hit the rear of the car before falling onto the road. There was a loud bang when the collision occurred.

The Stomper, who was nearby, then rushed to check on her.

Around seven to eight workers, who were also in the area, helped to carry her motorcycle to the side of the road.

According to Stone, the biker suffered injuries to her knee. 

She wanted to walk over to the car driver, who was a few metres away, to speak with him.

Seeing that she was injured, the Stomper told the biker to stay put and walked to the driver to inform him about the request.

The driver then made his way towards the biker and the both of them started exchanging particulars before coming to an agreement over what happened.

The biker was still able to ride following the accident. 

Stone helped her start her motorcycle after she ended her conversation and she rode away from the scene.