Kind souls demonstrate kampung spirit by giving out free masks and Dettol soap

Submitted by Stomper Tricia, Tristan

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This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Many Singaporeans are embracing the kampung spirit by sharing and giving out free masks and soap bars to those in need amidst the spread of the coronavirus from Wuhan, China.

Stompers Tricia and Tristan alerted Stomp to the kindness they witnessed on social media.

Tricia shared a video posted by educator and magician Godwin Tan where he distributes face masks to 100 households at Beo Crescent in Bukit Merah.

He said in his video his target group was "elderly residents and financially needy households".

"It would be great if you can spread this piece of positivity to encourage other Singaporeans during this difficult time," Tricia said.

Tristan alerted Stomp to a Facebook post by online money changer Thin Margin.

In its post, the company shared it had "transformed our cash processing centre into a 'soap' processing centre overnight".

It added it was shipping out free Dettol Anti-bacterial bar soaps to its customers.

Tristan said: "Amidst all the negative reports on selfish Singaporeans stockpiling their supplies, I find it heartening to see a company like this that gives back to the community during a national crisis."