Kind police officers come to the rescue after Malaysian woman's car tyre gets punctured on highway

Facebook user Mei Leng Lim posted on her page about a heartwarming incident which happened on Saturday afternoon (Jun 25).

When she was on her way to pay respects to her deceased father, one of her car tyres got punctured on a highway.

She immediately called her brother and waited for him in her car. 

During the long wait, police officers passed by her car and waved to her.

She alighted the vehicle, walked over, and explained the situation.

The officers, upon listening to her story, decided to help her change the flat tyre. 

Said the elated Mei Leng: "The two officers immediately got off their vehicle to help me after I told them my story. I don’t know what else I can say beside thank you!

"The weather was so hot too.

"I’m really very lucky to have run into such nice officers. Thank you for being so kind!"