Kind neighborhood cleaners free bird from string tied to its feet at Hougang

Submitted by Stomper Melissa

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Stomper Melissa was incredibly touched by the kindness of workers who stopped to help a poor bird that had a piece of string tied around its feet.

She was passing by Block 917A Hougang Ave 9 on Sunday (Dec 15) at about 5.15pm when she saw the two cleaners working to free the bird.

"There was a long piece of thread tied around its feet," she said.

"I didn't ask them where they found the bird but they very patiently removed the dead knot."

Melissa said the entire process took about ten minutes and she shared with Stomp a video showing the final moments before one of the workers successfully released the bird.

"I just want to give two thumbs up to our foreign workers in Singapore," she added.

"In my opinion, they are kinder than most of us who would not really care about something like this."