Kind-hearted Yishun residents strive to #MakeYishunGreatAgai​n by giving out care packages

By now, we all know of the notorious reputation Yishun has due to the unfortunate events that have happened there.

From murders to cat killers and giant caterpillars, Yishun has become a place to laugh at and to fear.

However, a group of kind-hearted souls have decided to #MakeYishunGreatAgain by giving out care packages to their neighbours.

Twitter user @mastcells posted photos of the care package she received.

It included two Sunshine cream buns and two Milo 3-in-1 packets and a card that read:

"Hello neighbour!

"In light of all the Yishun news that has been making headlines, a small team of individuals passionate about anything that says good vibes has decided to come together to surprise a whole block overnight, in the small ways we can.

"We hope you enjoy this little bag of goodness of whatever we can afford and that it will make your heart smile.

"Love, Your Neighbours."

On the back of the card, "One Block at a Time" was written in all four of Singapore's official languages and the hashtag #MakeYishunGreatAgain.

This group of amazing people have been identified on Instagram thanks to a post by one of its members, Dawn Lim.

She posted a photo of herself with her friends carrying care packages with the caption:

"Thankful for friends who would forsake sleep at the most radical hours to fulfil a little dream we shared.

"So this morning, a few of us tried to #makeyishungreatagain by saying hello to our neighbours, one block at a time.

"This ain't all and we are already looking forward to the next block!

"Good vibes. Love, your neighbours."

We would be lucky to have neighbours like these. Kudos, guys!