Kind Grab driver literally goes the extra mile for students visiting Acres with injured pigeon

Usually, a hassle-free ride where we are picked up and dropped off at the correct destinations is considered good enough.

But sometimes, there comes a driver who displays empathy, exceeds expectations and delivers extraordinary service.

Grab driver Mr Vengutu Gopi is one fine example.

Two Hai Sing Secondary School students found an injured pigeon on their way home from school and wanted to bring it to the Acres Wildlife Rescue Centre, which is located at 91 Jalan Lekar.

Facebook user Suriah Buhari‎, the mother of one of the students, said she booked a Grab ride for the two students.

In her post on Grab's Facebook page, she wrote: "When they arrived at Acres, Mr Vengutu waited for the kids to send the injured pigeon in, and sent my girl and her friend to the main road so that they can easily get transport home.

"Thanks for keeping the safety of the kids in mind.

"THANK YOU, Mr Vengutu. You are such a kind person. We wish you well."

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Grab responded to Suriah's post and said they would share it with Mr Vengutu.

A netizen also identified Mr Vengutu as her friend's husband.

In turn, Mr Vengutu's wife, Mdm Lailah Gopi, thanked Suriah and netizens for their commendation and said: "My hubby has a soft spot for animals always."