Kind friends buy tourist whose wallet got picked a meal, report his case to the police

Submitted by Stomper Riady

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Stomper Riady and his friends were near a bus stop at Geylang Lorong 11 at about 6.26pm on Aug 28, 2017, when they ran into a tourist.  

The man first asked Riady if he was a Singaporean, to which Riady replied that he was. 

The man identified himself as a tourist from Ghana, who had just arrived in Singapore. 

Apparently, he had fallen asleep at the airport and his wallet was stolen by a pickpocket. 

With his wallet gone, he did not have a cent on him.

The tourist subsequently approached airport staff for help and was given the address to the South African Consulate. 

However, when the man called the number, no one picked up.

The desperate Ghanaian told Riady that he did not know what to do and he had no friends here in Singapore. 

Feeling sorry for him, Riady and friends decided to call the police. 

They also bought him a sandwich, a can of coke from a nearby 7-Eleven store, and gave him $10 while waiting for police to arrive. 

Said Riady:

“We’re not sure if he is still roaming around and that worries us.

“Did he managed to get back to his country?

“We have already told the police about him.

“Hope that they can do something to help him.”

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