Kind foreign worker uses umbrella to shelter elderly woman walking to Tiong Bahru Market

Submitted by Stomper Jessyca

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Stomper Jessyca was heartened when she saw a foreign worker sheltering an elderly woman with an umbrella in the heavy downpour at Tiong Bahru on Friday morning (Jan 18).

She shared the heartwarming moment caught in a photograph with Stomp.

Jessyca told Stomp she recognised the woman as a vegetable seller at Tiong Bahru Market.

"I saw this heartwarming moment when an elderly woman received shelter from a foreign worker especially in the heavy rain," she said.

The woman was seen bent over and using a walking stick as the man walked slowly alongside her while holding an umbrella over her.

"I praised the worker for his kindness," Jessyca said.

"He just replied with the earnest of smiles.

"He was quite humble."