Kind FairPrice staff member offers to pay for woman's toothpaste after her card gets declined

Submitted by Stomper Nana

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A kind FairPrice supermarket staff member made a customer's day less blue.

Stomper Nana told Stomp that she visited FairPrice supermarket at Hougang Mall on Monday morning (Mar 13) at about 8am to buy some coffee and toothpaste.

She proceeded to the self-checkout kiosk with six cans of Nescafe Ready-To-Drink chilled coffee cans and a tube of Sensodyne toothpaste.

However, when she was going to pay, her card was declined due to insufficient balance.

"I called out to Mdm Sng Siew Kang for assistance hoping she would help me cancel one of the transactions as I had only $7 in cash," said Nana.

"I told her that I did not have enough money in the bank.

"I decided to buy the Nescafe coffee cans and forgo the toothpaste.

"On a separate note, I appeared very perplexed, maybe due to the shock from the insufficient balance on my card and in my hurry to get to work.

"Mdm Sng then said, 'Never mind, I will pay for you this Sensodyne toothpaste.

"I refused but she said, 'It's okay.'"

Nana told Stomp she was very touched by this charitable gesture and wanted to thank Mdm Sng: "Thank you very much, thank you for your kindness!"