Kind driver from Neo Garden helps wheelchair-bound man struggling to cross road in Yishun

Submitted by Stomper Hafiz

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Noticing that a wheelchair-bound man was struggling to cross the road, a driver was spurred into action and got down from his lorry to lend a helping a hand.

The incident occurred along Yishun Avenue 5 on Saturday (Oct 31).

Stomper Hafiz, who works at catering firm Neo Garden, said he was travelling in the company lorry with a colleague as the driver at around 10.15am.

Hafiz recounted: "We dapao-ed our lunch at Chong Pang and were on our way back to the office when we noticed this uncle in a wheelchair who was struggling to cross the road.

"There were people around the uncle but they ignored him, so I told my driver we should help him to cross the road.

"I could see him struggling and noticed that his hands were not strong enough to turn the wheels on his weehchair.

"My driver acted more quickly than me and jumped out to assist the uncle. Meanwhile, I stopped the vehicle behind me and they also saw what happened."

Hafiz identified his colleague as Jacob Sailo, 28, who is from the Indian state of Mizoram.

He said that while his colleague did not understand what the uncle said as it was in Mandarin, "he probably meant 'thank you'."

The Stomper hopes to commend his colleague by sharing this heartwarming incident, adding: "I am truly proud of him! What a beautiful Saturday morning to watch his kindness.

"It's okay to ask people if they need help rather than doing nothing. I believe that if you do good for people, you will get good fortune in future."

Stomp has contacted Neo Garden for more info.