Kind cyclists to the rescue after 9-year-old girl suffers punctured bicycle tyre at Mandai Road

Submitted by Stomper Anbu

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A nine-year-old girl suffered a punctured tyre on her bicycle along Mandai Road on Sunday (July 19), but two kind souls were quick to come to the rescue.

Stomper Anbu said the incident occurred at around 11.45am

She recounted: "My friend's kid had her bicycle tyre punctured when we were on our way home.

"We were pushing the bicycle when two guys, who were returning from their cycling, asked us if we needed help.

"The two kind Singaporean souls, who said they lived in Choa Chu Kang, tried their best to fix the tyre with the equipment that they had."

According to Anbu, the men had a pump and other instruments in their bag.

They spent around 20 minutes fixing the tyre.

The Stomper, who shared photos of the men hard at work, added: "I felt very good and proud of their actions. Our kids learnt a very good lesson from the two kind souls.

"Way to go, Singapore!"

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